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Get unstuck and on track with a day focused solely on you and your business. The Lucrative VIP Strategy & Coaching Day is an exclusive event where we work together 1:1 virtually on what is most present and important for you and your business right now.


You get 3 hours of intensive, focused and conscious coaching, visioning, and planning – and one-one-one private access to all I have to offer as a business strategist.

The VIP Day is personalized to you and your work.


We’ve got the whole day to be about YOU – your energy, your life, your business.


We look at your business together and come up with small shifts as well as bigger changes you can make to help you create the life and business you want – quicker.  Together, we will work to identify what you’re doing right and where there’s opportunity to add more value, change the lives of your ideal client and reinvigorate you about your business. You’ll leave the VIP Day with a unique roadmap that gives you more focus, more clarity, more momentum, more clients, and importantly – more enjoyment.



  • Clarity on where you’re headed and why. You’ll be reconnected to your vision, and you’ll know what your next steps are 

  • A doable step by step plan on what actions to take and when. This will likely be in the form of visual notes we’ve created together, and will be completely customized to you.

  • Resources, checklists, done-for-you templates so you can get straight onto getting big results for your business.

  • The gift of being heard, seen, appreciated, and empowered professionally and personally



  • Your specific goals and projects over the next 90 days, or quarter by quarter for the next 12 months

  • Your personal development roadmap - what you need to succeed in your business

  • Your thought leadership strategies (speaking, workshops and live events, writing, social media)

  • Who your ideal client really is (and what you can offer them that will be an answer to their prayers)

  • Your product and service offerings

  • A process and plan for raising your profile, increasing your visibility and reaching more people

  • Tools and strategies to increase your confidence and ability to lead your business with ease

  • How to build your Dream Team

  • And much more (remember it’s tailored to you) We work together for as long as you need, but usually wrap up around 3 hours. After our VIP Day, we schedule a call to go over any questions and fine-tune your action plan



  • Ready and willing to dive deep and focus the entire day on you and your business

  • Willing to co-create your action plan. This day requires full participation (but at your pace, always)

  • Open, committed, and all set to explore a range of possibilities and to make changes in your life/business

  • Prepared to approach and move through any fears and blocks so that you can start creating more of what you want

  • Enthusiastic about what’s possible for you and your business



  • You arrive and we get settled. We confirm our approach for the day and get any urgent issues out on the table

  • The exploration begins – we look at all the different parts of your business: your market, your offerings, your marketing, your goals, your lifestyle, your vision, your hopes and dreams. I ask a lot of clarifying questions as well as offering ideas and input as I feel they’ll be most helpful to you.

  • By the time we break, we usually have the key ingredients for your best action plan for moving forward on the table. These ingredients include optimum ways for you to leverage your vision and why you went into business in the first place, along with the practical realities of making it happen

  • Over lunch we relax. It’s important to take this time out to re-energize and allow space and time for additional ideas and inspiration. After we’ve had some delicious food, we can take some time in nature with a trail, beach or walk nearby

  • The second half of the day is when we drill down to the details of your success map. We’ll use visual tools and any other tools we need to map out all the details of your business strategy to get you where you want to go.

Lucrative VIP Day

    • VIP Day Investment Is Non-Refundable But Can Be Applied To Another T&DC Enterprises Product or Service
    • Once VIP Day Payment Is Made, Our Team Will Reach Out Within 2 Business Days To Get Your Date On The Calendar. Your VIP Day Will Be Scheduled As Soon As Space Is Available Within (Typcially Within 30 Days Depending On If You Are Doing An In-Person or Virtual VIP Day)
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