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  • embody their 7-figure identity

  • create amazing high ticket offers

  • close high-ticket sales with ease

  • manifest their dreams

I invite you to book a Lucrative CEO strategy call with me! 

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SUCCESS..Walk in it...Serve at the highest level. Create great opportunities for others.

TRAVEL...Go all the places...Experience all the things..Take your family and friends with you.



Not feeling guilty for wanting or having and getting.

Feeling safe, stable, and prosperous.



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Here's My Story...

I grew up in a single-parent household.  Yes, my Mom was a total rock star, but, even as a child, I was aware that things weren't always easy for her.  I understand---this may not be your story, but I knew something had to change for me. So, growing up, I used to escape my surroundings thru visualization, but would quickly come back to reality disappointed that things had not changed. When I learned later that God was giving me a peak into my future thru my imagination, I began implementing this practice even more often...but similar to some of my childhood experience, adulting, didn't always look and feel kind...


I know all too well, how it feels to be frustrated with where you are, knowing you were created for MORE. But it wasn’t until I began shifting the thoughts and beliefs that disagreed with me having my dream life and business, that I started manifesting money, signing dream clients and growing my income. 

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From $0, to $1k a month, to $3k a month, to $10k a month, to $20k-$30k-$40k-$50k-$100k a month, and it just keeps growing and growing. 


Now, I have a 7-figure business manifestation model that allows it to grow exponentially while I help my amazing client's do the same with ease.


My clients have gone on to create amazing companies they love -- they embody the term, Lucrative CEO and so can you! Book A Lucrative CEO Call!

Business Consultation

Manifestation is  simply the PROCESS of retrieving 

what you desire.

The spouse, the money, the house, the car, the business, the family, travel, opportunities and experiences you want are ALREADY READY 

and waiting for YOU!

That's right!

You've just got to 

go and get what God has

put YOUR NAME on.

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Dalila Conaway is an experienced mindset, manifestation and lucrative business coach.


Client's who work with Dalila are able to shift their thinking, enjoy fulfillment of purpose, and live the life you have always dreamed of.


The principles she teaches and models have helped individuals' and entrepreneurs experience massive success and abundance.

Dalila Conaway is a sought after speaker, author and coach with more than 17 years of experience.  Her book, MANIFEST,

outlines how to walk in Biblical faith that produces favor. 

She is affectionately referred to as, "The Lucrative CEO" because of her intuition, insight and ability to coach clients in a way that helps them scale and achieve their business and income goals in record time. 

Dalila enjoys traveling, spending quality time with family, and loves being a mother to her three wonderful children, Caitlyn, Caleb and Cyleigh Faith.

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